Charlie Ballantine is acclaimed as one of the finest and most versatile  young guitarists on the scene today. JAZZ TIMES MAGAZINE hails his playing as “teeming with intricate grooves and maniacal precision his guitar work is both beautiful and complex” and VINTAGE GUITAR MAGAZINE described his style by stating “Jazz, rock, and folk music peacefully coexist in Charlie Ballantine’s world”. 

   Equipped with an impressive body of original compositions on albums like “Vonnegut” and “Cold Coffee”, Ballantine also displays a great reverence for the jazz tradition through the inclusion of standards like ‘My One and Only Love’, ‘East of the Sun’ and an entire double album dedicated to the music of Thelonious Monk to be released September 2021.  “In the vein of fellow guitarists like John Scofield, Bill Frisell and Julian Lage, Ballantine reconciles his educational background in jazz with the stylistic background of his instrument. He approaches the gratifying tonal and harmonic language of rock/roots with the groove, ambition and improvisational focus of a jazz musician” - (JAZZIZ MAGAZINE)


   After graduating from the Jacobs School of Music under the direction of David Baker, Ballantine relocated to Indianapolis and quickly developed a name for himself with a string of high energy performances at clubs like the Jazz Kitchen and Chatterbox Jazz Club. After releasing two solo albums Ballantine was able to attain global recognition with his award winning third album “Life is Brief: The Music of Bob Dylan” which ALL ABOUT JAZZ named in their top ten jazz albums of the year. “From the opening bars of "The Times They Are a-Changin'" it is clear that something special is happening” - (ALL ABOUT JAZZ) 


   Although primarily a front man for his own projects with tours and frequent appearances throughout the US and Canada at venues and festivals such as the Indianapolis Jazz Festival, The Winnipeg International Jazz Festival and The Elkhart Jazz Festival, Ballantine also has an extensive list of side man credits having performed with names like Rob Dixon, Emmett Cohen, and Amanda Gardier helping to further solidify him as a creative force and  put him in the highest of ranks as a performer.  


"Befitting a guitarist from America's heartland, Charlie Ballantine mixes jazz, folk-rock, surf/instro, blues, pop, and country into a simmering pot of guitar sound and style."

                                                                           - Vintage Guitar Magazine






Charlie Ballantine

Guitarist, Composer, Educator

JAZZIZ MAGAZINE describes guitarist Charlie Ballantine’s work as “Contemporary jazz teeming with intricate grooves and maniacal precision”


2021 brings Ballantine to new heights with his most compelling albums to date.  “Reflections/Introspection: The Music of Thelonious Monk” dives deep into previously untouched traditional elements as well as maintianing the modern the aesthetic that has gained him wide spread recognition.   


Upcoming in 2021:

  • Charlie Ballantine’s newest album “Reflections/Introspection: The Music of Thelonious Monk” coming September 2021 -featuring Amanda Gardier (sax), Chris Parker (drums), Cassius Goens III (drums), Jesse Wittman (bass)

  • Tour dates & educational workshops



Educational Outreach:

Charlie is a Daddario artist available for educational outreach in the form of:

  • Workshops

  • Guest Artist Appearances

  • Educational Residencies

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